Thursday, September 1, 2011

a lesson on moving and painting while pregnant

The big move? Didn’t go quite as planned. We got all the boxes in, yes, but they haven’t budged an inch since Sunday. This is extremely frustrating for me. My personality is definitely Type A—ambitious, highly competitive, impatient, time-conscious—which means I’d normally have these things unpacked with their contents organized in drawers and closets as soon as humanly possible.

But I’ve been laid up.

Apparently lifting heavy boxes, painting twelve hours per day, stretching unfamiliar muscles while standing on ladders, forgetting to eat right and failing to drink enough water are major no-no’s for expectant mamas, because I landed myself in the hospital on Sunday with strained back and stomach muscles (and other “injuries” that I’d rather not disclose to cyberspace—sorry). So each night since we’ve moved in, Jeff has come home to find me on the couch, clutching a bottle of Tylenol (and other antibiotics that will remain nameless) for dear life, tears of frustration in my eyes, with Freddie by my side. The tears of frustration aren’t only from back pain but also from the pain of helplessly watching these boxes remain unpacked and clutter our new home. (Jeff has been working so hard, don’t get me wrong, but there’s only so much he can do when I’m wailing and whining for him to stay next to me on the couch.)

The lesson I learned? Is don’t overdo it! Type A personality or not, pregnant or not, patience is key when you've got a big job to do. I also learned that I’m so, so lucky to have such amazing family and friends to help. A gigantic thanks to everyone who worked so hard to paint those lofty ceilings and move that heavy furniture! 

(Oh, you’re wondering about that photo of the broken stove? That’s our stove. Jeff stood on it and broke it while he was painting. So we have to fork over the cash for a new one.)

(We’re kissing our dreams of hardwood floors goodbye!)

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  1. Aw girl! That sounds horrific!! I hate to move in general, I can't even imagine with preggo! Good luck with it all!

  2. aw, I am sorry to hear about your injuries, thats no good :( but...i know how you feel about wanting everything DONE! i dont care how exhausted I am, if I come home and see the house is a mess i MUST pick it all up til its done. and when we moved everything was unpacked, organized and hung by the end of the weekend. I cant handle not getting stuff done! take care of yourself!

  3. OH NO! Rest up, take it easy. I'm like you and want it all done but you and baby are #1. Try to relax and do what I 900 episodes of sex and the city back to back.

  4. N E S T I N G its about to get crazier

    ox Leslie

  5. definitely don't overdue it meghan, hang in there it will all get done dont worry! you gotta take care of yourself and your little girl :-)

  6. REST REST REST! Sorry we can't be on the couch to keep you company in real life :(

  7. You just let me know if you need help unpacking!

  8. Meghan! I can't believe you're pregnant, that's extremely exciting! Congratulations to both of you!!! I'm sorry to hear you ended up with injuries after painting :( Don't worry, everything will get done, and you will be an amazing Mommy!