Thursday, September 15, 2011

hospital tour...

yesterday evening, jeff and i took a tour of the hospital where we’ll be having our baby girl. we expected to show up and get right to the tour. i imagined following a nurse around through the hallways and up to the maternity ward, taking a peek in one of the rooms and calling it a night.

but that’s not how hospital tours work these days.

we arrived on time despite the rush-hour traffic, thanks to jeff’s driving tricks. (and by tricks I mean changing lanes much too often, just to keep moving.) there were about five other couples in the room when we got there. much to our surprise, in addition to the tour, we’d signed up for a (very informative) 40-minute class on:

1) when to come to the hospital
it seems that, in real life, my water breaking won’t mean what it does in the movies. so we shouldn’t jump in a cab and speed to the hospital right at that very moment. because the baby won’t come for hours and hours—and hours.

2) what to pack for the two-day stay
on top of a toothbrush and toothpaste, we’re supposed to make a birthing playlist! (mom, did you and dad make a playlist (er, mixed tape?) when i was born?) it’s supposed to relax me.

3) how to stay calm if we need to have a c-section
we’ll need to remember why we’re doing it: to have a baby! a real, living, breathing baby. we’ll have to trust our doctors and remember that this surgery is extremely common; about 30-percent of babies are born this way. and by we i mean jeff. (i’ll be freaking out!)

4) some fun facts
did you know that if a newborn baby isn’t warm enough, a mother’s temperature rises an entire degree to warm her with her body heat? and if a baby is too hot, mom’s temp drops to cool her. (wow!)

5) and a whole bunch of other stuff that i hope i’ll remember in december

*     *     *

because hospitals don't make for very exciting photos, here's one of freddie with the mini pillow i made for him.

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  1. I had no idea about the mother + baby temperature thing...very cool.

  2. Ha! Love the picture accompanying this post!

  3. Ok. I liked the hospital facts, but COME ON! How is anything supposed to compete with that adorable photo of Freddie!?

  4. No relaxing playlist for me... As I was laboring to bring you into the world, Dad was watching the NCAA championship basketball game on the TV above my bed!

  5. Louisville vs Duke. Good game but the night got even better around 2 a.m.!

  6. aw, Freddie is very cute! I cant believe you only have 3 more months..your belly is teeny tiny!

  7. Point number 1 is a very good water broke at 1:30pm on a friday and I didnt have Theo until 6:20pm on Saturday...Yes, thats nearly 30 hours of labor. Crazy!
    Do you get a private room?