Wednesday, September 7, 2011

a break for brunch

last weekend, sometime between unpacking and painting and driving to and from ikea, jeff and i took a break for brunch. we made the trek to portland--the big city!--where we lived just two weeks ago. i'm not sure if it's the boxes scattered about or the fact that we don't have enough furniture yet to fill it, but our new house doesn't quite feel like home. i'm sure that will change with time, but for now, the city of portland still has our hearts. 

(it's hard to get used to suburbia. there's no street noise. the only sounds that enter our windows at night are dogs barking, children laughing, and wind blowing.)

(yes, we can hear the wind blowing.)

(when you're used to sounds like garbage trucks and the hustle and bustle of city streets? that's pretty creepy.)

while waiting 45 minutes for our table at besaw's, we ordered iced coffees at a cafe up the street. and our breakfast was totally worth the wait. now i'm even more determined to continue brunching at our favorite spots when the baby arrives. mmmm.

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  1. yummy! that bread looks delish. i'll be in PDX in january for good. can't wait to try all of these restaurants.

  2. I really do love your Portland posts, but they kind of make my heart ache as well :( we love st. honore on a sunday morning - and besaws? My mouth is watering! can't wait to be back in October!!!

  3. we had the same feeling when we moved to the suburbs. what's that? is someone mowing their LAWN? And who knew crickets made so much noise!


  4. Yum! I'm on a mission to try as many Portland brunch spots as possible!

    (We're looking for a house right now, so we two might be joining you out in suburbia!! :)

  5. that brunch looks amazing and i had to laugh at that photo the first one because of the toyota prius that is the exact one that my husband and i own!

  6. I love Besaw's, and I have totally ordered that benedict before! I am scared to move to the suburbs one day....I will just have to keep following you to see how you manage:) I'm sure when I move it will be for the same reason as you!