Monday, August 22, 2011

surprises are the best

last weekend we surprised our friend for his 27th birthday. instead of coming home to an empty house, he came home from dinner to find his place flooded with people clad in spandex. that was the theme of the party, spandex. not sure why. guys wore bicycling "onesies" or running tights, while girls rocked electric-blue stretchy pants made in the '80s.

(by the way? spandex is very flattering—and not embarrassing at all!on gals who are almost six months pregnant.)


anyway, everyone was still and quiet until the birthday boy crept up the stairs, leftovers in hand. we yelled "surprise" in unison and watched him jump. the best part was seeing his frightened eyes fade into a permanent, ecstatic smile. 

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  1. too sweet and what a fun theme! i love going to surprise parties ... not for myself but for others, haha.