Friday, August 19, 2011

let's get snap happy

august 19 is world photography day! which means people across the globe are celebrating their cameras by capturing this day and sharing their photos.

i'm not participating. 

(shots of me at my desk on a friday afternoon are nothing to share with the world.)

however, i did take the time to flip through the 500 snaps on my iphone this morning. they got me thinking about all the times i've forgotten my "real" camera at homei use quotes because my iphone takes better pictures than my old point-and-shootor chosen not to carry the clunky thing around. when i forget it, i default to taking less-than-perfect shots with my iphone. but i've captured so many goofy, happy memories and special moments this way, i feel so lucky to have a cell phone with a camera built in! (seriously, what did people do before cell phones?)

i'm recognizing world photography day simply by being thankful for cameras in general, all kinds. i love looking through my photos and remembering how silly, busy or breathtaking life was on a certain day, in a single moment.  

here are just some of my favorites that i came across this morning:

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  1. beautiful pictures! the kitty is adorable!!

  2. Aww. I probably have fifty pictures of my pups on my phone. And close to that many of the boy and me.