Monday, August 15, 2011

DIY Weekend

When your boyfriend’s out of town for the weekend and your cat is being nothing but obnoxious, biting your ankles and whining for food and purring in your ear, shaking you awake before the sun even comes up, you have an excellent excuse to lock yourself in a room with a sewing machine for two days straight.

That’s exactly what I did this weekend.

On Saturday, my crafty mother and I took a field trip to the fabric store for neutral, natural fabrics that would cover all of my throw pillows, which, before this weekend, were every color of the rainbow. I wanted something calmer, lighter, more grown up. (After all, I’m buying my first house in a week! I can’t put bright reds and yellows and colors reminiscent of a college dorm room in there.)

After a quick refresher course on sewing—from filling and loading the bobbin thread to adding final stitches by hand—I plopped myself down in front of the machine and didn’t move (except to snap photos) until Sunday evening.

I love you, burlap pillows with rustic buttons!

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  1. I LOVE the new pillows! They look great! Job well done M!

  2. these pillows look cute and i wish my mom lived close enough that we could spend all weekend sewing, ah i miss my mommy!

  3. wow your pillows look great!!! girl, you are talented! :)

    Notes She Wrote

  4. those are very cute! my favorite is the one in the front. way better than my polka dot flowered ones I made..they look like 2 big boobs : /

    Libby on the Label

  5. pillows are awesome! pictures are even BETTER! they really do look great

  6. i am so impressed! you could def. sell those!

  7. Your pillows turned out really well, Megs! I love the button embellishments!!

  8. Wow! My goodness those are fantastic! I need to finally bite the bullet and learn how to sew. Thanks for the inspiration!

    ❤ Katherine