Wednesday, July 6, 2011

summer lovin' ♥ had me a bla-aast

Jeff and I celebrated America's birthday by taking a vacation to Clear Lake, California with his parents and family friends. We went boating and swimming and sat in the sun with good books, our pink, freckly skin lathered with SPF 70. We napped in a hammock. In the mornings we jogged along windy roads and caught glimpses of deer wandering through thick trees, and at night we slept in sleeping bags under the stars. (Who knew there were so many stars?)

Oh, and I took lots of pictures. (I’m starting to wonder if my family and friends have become peeved with the big black Nikon that’s always pointed in their faces.) I’m happy someone pried it from my fingers long enough to snap a few impromptu shots of Jeff and me.

After the ten-hour drive home on Monday, getting all gussied up to watch fireworks at the waterfront (as was originally planned) was out of the question, so we stayed in and watched 127 Hours. As the sun dropped below the skyline, the first few fireworks appeared right outside our window. We didn’t realize living on the fifth floor guaranteed our own private fireworks show; we could see the colorful explosions all across Portland, from the comfort of our couch! It was a perfect way to end a fun weekend. 

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  1. beautiful pics! Ok, small world. I used to work with your boyfriend. And his Dad. HA! Anyway, lucky that you can see fireworks from your own couch!!!

  2. what a FUN weekend! and your pictures are beautiful!!

  3. That first picture of you two is priceless. I love seeing other couples so happy and in love!