Wednesday, July 20, 2011

dear grandma neets

you asked me to send photos and stories about our family vacation in sunriver, oregon—the first family vacation that you and grandpa howard haven't been able to attend—so here i go.

we miss you! if it makes you feel any better, it's rained three of the five days here, leaving us nothing to do but play games inside. it hasn't been so bad, but i guarantee your florida weather is much more enjoyable. when the weather cooperates we play tennis and mini-golf, ride bikes on shady trails, read by the pool, float down the river in canoes, and soak up every bit of margaux and sylvie's cuteness! margaux learned to ride her bike (sans training wheels!) this week, which has been a continuous topic of conversation. and if you can't tell by the photo below, she's also an outstanding hula-hooper! (who knew such a little body could maneuver such a large hoop?)

as for me? i'm feeling great, but miss you guys tons!

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