Monday, May 30, 2011

grilling and chilling

Memorial Day is a time to remember those who have fought for our country and died in our nation's service. For me, it's also a day to remember loved ones, living and deceased. It's a day I like to surround myself with family and friends and celebrate the coming of summer. Every year on this day, I look forward to things like sunshine, camping, warm days at the Oregon Coast, freckly faces, barbecues, and the smell of freshly cut grass.

But this year it's so chilly I look forward to summer even more than usual. My grandpa has to pass out old sweatshirts for us to wear during the outdoor barbecue he hosts for our family. While he grills salmon and corn on the cob, the rest of us toast the day through chattering teeth. The food is delicious, though, and the company even better.

The other half of my long weekend is spent at Government Camp. With my mind on summer, I don't anticipate icy conditions or bring anything suitable for snow. So our group hangs out inside, enjoying the scenery from the comfort of a heated cabin. One day I explore Timberline Lodge and savor a hot chocolate by the fire, thinking, Is it really almost June?!

But June or not, the white powder is majestic, the landscape like a painting.


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  1. Just stumbled over here, and you have a lovely blog:) These are great photos, and it looks like you had a great Memorial day.
    PS. LOVE the quote at the bottom of your blog.

  2. wow awesome! i love the pictures...and I like to think of Memorial weekend the same way :)

  3. hey girl, i'm back to try and follow... but can't find your followers section... hmm...