Monday, March 7, 2011

Sunday Escape at Prost!

Many Sundays, for me, involve trips to Ikea for knick knacks I don’t need, for furniture I don’t have room for, and for other stuff I flat-out can’t afford but make my apartment look so stinkin’ cute. (At least in the wintertime, when there’s not much else to do besides shop.)

Yesterday was one of these Sundays. I’ve been dying for a big dining table, one that makes a statement and can hold six to eight people. I’ve also been dying to have friends and family over for dinner soirées, and hunching over the coffee table or balancing plates on our laps while scrunched together on the couch is out of the question.

We found a “statement” dining table on Craigslist and bought six simple chairs from Ikea. On Sunday afternoon, when we needed a break from hammering and screw driving—as two people usually do while assembling furniture from the Swedish manufacturer—we met friends at Prost!, an authentic German pub (called “Cheers!” in German) smack-dab in the middle of the historic Mississippi District, two blocks from our apartment.

The four of us shared a gigantic glass boot of Spaten Lager—a light golden, slightly malty, quintessential Bavarian bier—plus pretzels with salt and fiery German mustard on the side. The best part about Prost! is that each bier is imported directly from Germany, poured into a uniquely shaped and adorned glass, just as it is in Deutschland. We sat on the deck amongst other boot-drinkers and space heaters that radiated sufficient warmth and offered an escape from the sharp winter weather.

It gave us the just the boost we needed to get back to work on our Ikea chairs.


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