Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fill in the Blanks!

As I near my 25th birthday—my quarter-century mark, my half-way-to-fifty point—I’ve been thinking about my accomplishments, my mistakes, and the kind of person I’ve become. And I’ve filled in the blanks below to give you an idea, too. :)

Today I am exhausted because last night, I took my youngest sister and her friends out for her 21st birthday! I felt sort of mom-ish, driving the kids around from place to place and then yawning uncontrollably when the clock struck 10:30—my weeknight bedtime. But I made it all the way to 2:30 a.m. Hooray for me!

My favorite place is the Jersey Shore. It sounds silly, what with the hit MTV series and all, but it’s the truth. Every summer since I was four months old, my entire extended family has vacationed for two weeks at my grandparents’ house at the Shore, which sits on a beautiful beach in Ocean City, New Jersey, overlooking the boardwalk and the sparkling Atlantic Ocean. {See photo above!} I look forward to it every year.

Something I have been procrastinating is work, obviously, since I’m doing this instead…

The age I am is 24 and the age I feel is 25. Next Friday is my 25th birthday, and I truly feel my age. I’m a young professional with a year of corporate copywriting experience under my belt; I live in a vibrant, up and coming area of the ever eclectic city of Portland; I have the most amazing boyfriend in the entire world, and the best friends anyone could wish for; I’m responsible for the well being of a living, breathing creature, Freddie (which to me screams ‘grown up’ but not ‘old’); and I enjoy trying new restaurants, going to concerts, traveling, catching up with old friends, shopping, hosting dinner-and-wine nights at my apartment, and laughing until it hurts. So far, my twenties have been fantastic!

The thing I love most about my home is the super huge windows! Now that the sun stays out until after 7 p.m., we leave the apartment lights off and enjoy the natural sunlight until it’s completely gone. It saturates our home, bouncing off the (faux) hardwood floors and glass table tops, keeping us warm and totally happy that spring is finally here.

My fashion philosophy is cute but comfy. I’m not one to strut around in four-inch heels just because they look good. (I subscribe to Real Simple and Portland Monthly instead of InStyle, if that tells you anything.) Usually I can put together a chic outfit, but whenever I’m feeling un-pretty or fashion-less, I think of something my grandmother once said: “Just be kind, and your beauty will be apparent to everyone.”

If you looked in my purse right now you'd find.... an extremely random assortment of lip gloss, nail polish, a small jar of peanut butter (no joke!), a gigantic can of hairspray, two unpaid bills, a water bottle, deodorant, loose Euros leftover from Amsterdam, a Fiber One bar, a hairbrush, an umbrella, and of course the usual stuff: wallet, keys, phone.

My biggest accomplishment in life thus far is two-fold: traveling to Paris alone and navigating my way through a country in which I didn’t speak the language; and then plunging headfirst into adulthood by moving to San Francisco, accepting an unpaid internship at a weekly newspaper on a whim. In both cases, I was extremely challenged, and I thrived. Both experiences have given me the confidence I need to do just about anything.

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