Thursday, February 24, 2011

❇ Snow Day ❇

I haven’t trusted a single weatherman for years. Not Nick Allard. Not Matt Zaffino. Not even Al Roker.

Why? Because they lie. They tell us we’re in for “the most significant February storm in 10 years,” and we wake up to blue skies. What’s worse? On air, they sometimes laugh about their forecasts from the previous day because they’re so utterly and completely wrong. It’s like they’re laughing at us for believing them in the first place! Sure, Nick Allard wins us over with his blond hair and boyish charm, and Al finds his way to our hearts with his sense of humor, but that doesn’t make up for the torture I endure after layering on sweater after sweater, jacket after jacket—preparing for chilly conditions—and then sweating uncontrollably when it turns out to be 72 and sunny.

❇ ❇ ❇

I’m glad to say today is different. We woke up this morning to—that’s right—snow! The sticky kind, not the slushy, sloppy kind. Freddie sat by window, pawing at the flakes against the glass as they fell from the sky, while I snapped photos on my iPhone and read emails from coworkers (“sorry, I’ll be in late today”) and reveled in the excitement of a few inches of snow.

It’s not a storm, no, and it’s not enough to close the office or even stay home from work, but it’s enough to make me giddy.

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