Wednesday, February 16, 2011

♠ Dutch Pancakes ♠

Today isn’t just another Wednesday. The sun shines bright for the first time this week, embracing the city with warmth, saturating the cobblestone sidewalks with a golden glow. This, along with receiving a surprise from Jeff last night—a beautiful flower bouquet and an assortment of chocolates—puts me in an especially great mood.

Ah, Wednesday.

The commute is getting old for my coworkers, who say they’re just suburban girls unaccustomed to public transportation. For me? The train provides time to think, relax, read, and get pumped for the day. It’s a great change of pace, I remind them. I say the ride doesn't bother me, that in fact I really enjoy it, but I think my stable positivity is starting to irritate them.

Everyone is happier after coffee. We work for a few hours and then round up the entire office, pile into three taxis, and head to lunch. The restaurant we choose serves pancakes and pizza, and although pancakes seem appropriate only for breakfast, our friends say they’re to die for. So I order a ham, cheese and pineapple pancake with thick, sweet syrup. Others opt for banana and sugar, or apple and cinnamon.

Words can’t describe the deliciousness of this pancake! I’ve never tasted anything like it. Sweet and savory flavors combine so beautifully I never want to stop eating. After lunch, we wander the sidewalks and pop into clothing shops while waiting for our taxis back to the office.

Tomorrow is our last day of work—and our first day of another amazing (short) weekend in the city!

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  1. This was one of my favorite parts of visiting EHQ! I as well had the ham, cheese and pineapple, DELISH! Glad you're having a great time! Safe travels.

  2. Your most ultimate breakfast! No more choosing between sweet or hearty. "I'll have both, please."