Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Portland's Pros and Cons

Keeping with the theme of moving back to Portland, I’ve come up with a short list of the Rose City’s pros and cons, as pertaining to—you guessed it—moi.

Winters are dreadful—I’m tempted to crack my own skull open at the sight of rainfall day after day—but Portland’s hot, cloudless summers and crisp, colorful falls are well worth the January and February blues. In San Francisco, you can pretty much bet a month’s pay that any day of the week will be sixty-three and foggy. (Bleh.)

I don’t have to pump it myself. (Or pester the poor attendants with questions about how to pump it.)

Now I drive to work, to the suburbs. My travel time is cut in half, but I miss the daily drama of commuting in the big city: watching a homeless man take off his dirty shoes and socks on Bus 19, for example, and wave them in peoples’ faces while cracking a toothless laugh and wandering the aisles barefoot.

THE JOB {pro!}
Sitting at a desk all day writing about performance-shoe technology and sweat-wicking fabrics doesn’t do much for the imagination. It also doesn’t do much for staying skinny. Other than that, it’s a great gig. (At Luxury Condo, a typical day involved sprinting across slippery marble floors in heels, which is a fabulous calf and thigh workout I took for granted.)

THE PEOPLE {pro} {con}
I miss my girlfriends and coworkers from San Francisco terribly, but I'm surrounded by family and lots of friends from high school and college. It's a win-loss sort of situation.

THE RESTAURANTS {neither pro nor con}
It seems Portland boasts funkier eateries—from waffle windows to fried-chicken-and-ice-cream carts to gourmet mac-and-cheese restaurants—while SF offers trendier, spendier spots (although it's not without its hole-in-the-wall Thai restaurants and greasy pizza joints). I love both scenes.

THE APARTMENT {double pro!}
A cheaper cost of living means fancier digs, which means zero basement-dwelling rats, zero trips to the laundromat, zero fat Asian men staring at me from across the alley (because our living room windows directly face one another), zero ear-splitting ambulance sirens at 2 a.m., and enough space to raise a rambunctious little kitten. (Who, unfortunately, is getting his manhood chopped off today. I dropped him off at the pet clinic for his neuter appointment a couple hours ago, and he looked terrified.) (But I suppose I would, too.)

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  1. Ahhh I love this post! I will say though...SF has been insanely nice...Clear, blue & 70 :)

    I miss you and your lil itchy neck scarf.