Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cheers to a New Year (and to no broken bones)!

Good news!

(Besides the fact that I made it another year in good health, with fabulous friends and family, and with a job.)

Get this: I made it a whole week in Sunriver without breaking a wrist, an arm, a leg—or even a baby toe. (So far, I like 2011.) Our group planned to ski on Tuesday (Jeff's 26th birthday!) and Wednesday, but the weather was super fierce on Wednesday. The wind slapped our cheeks and turned them red, and the gray sky dumped buckets of snow on us all morning and afternoon. Because we couldn’t see even ten feet in front of us, we opted to spend the day at the bar instead of on the mountain.

On Tuesday, we celebrated Jeff's birthday with juicy burgers and a round of Old-Fashions—an elaborate cocktail made with whisky, bitters and fruit. And on Thursday, when the rest of the group went home, we stuck around Bend. Ten friends met us in Sunriver, in a new house, and we played in the snow and toasted to a New Year with $12 (not $3.99!) champagne. (I can't taste the difference.)

As for my resolutions?

{1.} More water, less wine

{2.} Get my lazy butt to the gym—to the first stinkin’ floor of my apartment building— four times a week

{3.} More fruit, less crackers

{4.} Send birthday cards to my friends and family around the country (on time) via snail mail

{5.} And laugh every day

{Happy New Year!}

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