Wednesday, November 24, 2010

.: Happy Thanksgiving :.

My long weekend began on Wednesday at 3 p.m. when I put down my pencil, shut off my desktop and bid farewell to the office with a childlike glee.

Ta ta, projects and meetings and emails! See you on Monday.

On Wednesday evening, I met my family for dinner in Portland and welcomed my younger sister Christyn home from Houston, Texas. She's here for only a few days, so we're whooping it up with extra enthusiasm this year. Tomorrow, when we go around the table telling "what I'm thankful for" stories, I know what I'll say: I'm thankful that Christyn's home. And because I'm in especially great spirits this year, I'll probably say all this, too:

{1.} I'm thankful for crisp fall days in Oregon, when the leaves are orange and red and float from the trees to the sidewalk quietly and gracefully. (I missed three falls living in San Francisco, and I'll never take the season for granted again!)

{2.} I'm thankful for gingerbread lattes in red cups. They're warm and cozy and get me geared up for the holidays in October.

{3.} I'm thankful for my mom, dad and grandparents: their health, happiness and togetherness.

{4.} I'm thankful for Freddie, my new cuddly kitten. He energizes me and makes me laugh every day. And that counts for something.

{5.} I'm thankful for my old friends, my new friends, and my friends who've dispersed across the globe and still come together at Thanksgiving and Christmas like nothing has changed.

{6.} I'm thankful for the season's unexpected snow, ice, wind and cold, and for the refreshing Pacific Northwest air that gives me life.

{7.} I'm thankful for pumpkin pie.

{8.} I'm thankful for a good book and a crackling fire. Kind of like the one I'm sitting in front of now. (Thanks, Dad!)

{9.} I'm thankful for red wine at five o'clock, when I get to catch up with friends over happy hour specials and dish about the day's events.

{10.} And I'm thankful for finding someone so passionate and caring to share life's adventures with. From taking sudden, sunny vacations to decorating a new apartment to plunging head-first into kitten parenthood, each day brings a new experienceand each day is better than the last.

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  1. Ahh This is so great! I love your blog meggie :)