Friday, November 19, 2010

Freddie Krueger Pumpkin (James) Mottcloskey

There's a new man in my life. He’s ten weeks old, and his name is Freddie—as in Krueger. His middle name is Pumpkin, and his last name hails from two people who love their last names so much they're not willing to choose just one: Mottcloskey.

We adopted him on Halloween. In the spirit of the holiday, we were determined to call him something spooky yet outrageously adorable. (Jeff wanted spooky. I wanted outrageously adorable.) The list included Magic, Pumpkin, Moon, Ghost, and so on. My first choice was Pumpkin, but Jeff didn't go for it. "I can't tell my friends I have a kitten named Pumpkin," he said.


With the help of a friend, we arrived at Freddie, and it stuck. His middle name is Pumpkin, even though Jeff claims it’s—get this—James. (Fredrick James.)

Despite our kitten’s unconfirmed moniker—sometimes it’s Fredrick James, other times it’s Freddie Pumpkin, but most of the time it’s Fred, Punkie, Krueger, Sweets, Snookers, or Snotty—he’s made proud parents of Jeff and me!



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  1. Soooo adorable!!! :)

  2. Who ever would have thought you'd turn into a crazy cat lady like Christyn and me. I'm so proud :)

  3. ahaha...Crazy cat lady is right!