Thursday, July 22, 2010

Congratulations, Mrs. Georgia Hastings

On July 10, my friend Georgia married the man of her dreams: her college sweetheart, Eric. (Remember the wedding that I’m taking full responsibility for? Because the bride and groom met at my 20th birthday party? This is the one.)

She said her vows in a gorgeous field at Pumpkin Ridge golf course, a fitting venue, as Eric is an avid golfer. (He played for the University of Oregon and now works for Nike Golf.) The temperature hit 95 degrees that day, and later when I was asked whether Eric cried at the ceremony, I replied: “I don’t know. He just looked really sweaty.”

Beads dripped down Eric’s cheeks while the late-afternoon sun drenched his dark suit. (Yesterday, at lunch, Georgia confirmed these were drips of tears, not sweat.) The sun kissed Georgia’s skin but didn’t cause her to perspire. She looked cool and confident, ready to embark on life’s next adventure, to become part of a new little family made up of husband and wife.

At the reception, we had our choice of fish, chicken or steak along with drink after drink from the bar. We danced and ate delectable cake under a cool, crisp tent, listened to touching speeches from Eric's brothers and Georgia's maids of honor, and watched Georgia and Eric dance their first dance.

Unaware that the bridesmaids would wear black dresses and pearls (note the girls on the left in the photo below), I donned my best black dress and prettiest pearl necklace.

When it was time to send the newlyweds off, we formed a tunnel and twirled white sparklers as they ran by.

(Oh, and as for the bouquet? Georgia tossed it over her shoulder toward a very large group of single women, and it just so happened to float gently into my hands.)

(Don't let Jeff tell you otherwise.)

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  1. Hello! I'm a new follower to your blog. :) We're planning on moving to Portland in six months or so, and its nice to hear about our new home to be.. :) Cheers!