Tuesday, June 8, 2010

'Tis the Wedding Season

‘Tis the season to get married. Especially if you’re a twenty-something girl—and one that I grew up with—living in Portland. This month I’ve been to three bridal showers, the most recent for my friend Georgia. It was an enjoyable get-together at a beautiful home in Canby, Oregon, spent eating and drinking and chatting with people I haven’t seen since college. The reason I’m writing about Georgia and not my other soon-to-be-wed gal pals is because I played a major role in getting Georgia and her fiancé, Eric, together.

As a matter of fact? I take full responsibility for their marriage.

For years I’ve been not only happy but also secretly proud of the fact that Georgia and Eric are an item. I introduced them back in April 2005, when I was a mutual friend of the two, caught up in Delta Gamma folly with Georgia and lightheartedly dating Eric’s roommate. On Friday, April 1st of that year, my friends and dorm-mates gathered to celebrate my nineteenth birthday, and because we were freshmen we decided there was no better way to party than with sophomore boys—my then boyfriend and his buddies—at their ultra-cool (ultra-trashed, ant-infested) live-out, a house just a few miles from campus.

While multiple bottles of three-dollar champagne exploded onto their carpets and round after round of beer pong transpired in their garage, Georgia and Eric sat at the corner of the dining room table, looking into each other’s brown eyes while absent-mindedly flipping cards, unfazed by the chaos resulting around them. It was just the two of them, playing a game meant for two people falling in love.

I’d only been dating Eric’s roommate for a few weeks, and, in fact, I didn’t know Eric at all. So I suppose I didn’t introduce the couple, but I like to think they’d be nowhere without me. Georgia sure as hell wouldn’t have met Eric on April Fool’s Day 2005 without me. And after sharing a bottle of wine with a friend before Georgia’s shower last week, I told her so.

Attached to a beautifully wrapped gift from Bed, Bath & Beyond was the Hallmark greeting that Alexa, Emily and I picked out for Georgia, and inside the card I (shamefully) thought it was appropriate to write this message:

Dear Geo,

I’m so happy for you and Eric. And I bet you’re happy for me, too, because I’m the one who introduced you! Remember that? You’re getting married because of me. I love you!


I just hope I haven't been dis-invited to the main event.

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