Friday, June 11, 2010

City Liquidators. It's One Funky Garage Sale.

City Liquidators isn’t a chic boutique or a trendy restaurant or a little-known art gallery in Nob Hill or on Mississippi Avenue. In fact, it’s quite the opposite: a gigantic warehouse, positioned in a dark alley on Southeast 3rd Avenue, directly under the booming Morrison Bridge. It reeks of old fabric and mothballs and is crammed with ancient, squeaky rocking chairs and drapes and carpets from the 1970s, forcing you to think about the countless pairs of dirty, bare feet and hands that have scoured them over the years.

Parts of the warehouse are cruddy and reminiscent of a great grandmother's garage sale, but the prices on new items are phenomenal. My leather couch? Was just $299. A pair of chic, black bar stools? Only $90! And the best part is they don't look like they're from a mucky stockroom. They could be straight from a Pottery Barn catalog. (Photos of my apartment coming soon.)

Jeff and I are really into City Liquidators. This place can keep us busy for the better part of a Saturday morning. (See photos of us posing in Knight armor.) My advice to you? Is if you ever need a couch, bar stool, table, funky coffee mug, evil-smelling bath mat, or warrior helmet, come to this place. (Insider tip: The owners serve complimentary donuts and coffee on Saturday mornings.)

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