Saturday, February 20, 2010

Laugh, Breathe, Love, Live

On this Saturday morning, the brand-new sun pours through my open window and soaks my face with its warmth. A delicate breeze tickles my nose and eyelashes, and I invite the essence of the northwest into my lungs. This natural perfume is one of my favorites, as it reminds me that it's not yet spring but not quite winter anymore, either. I'm refreshed. As I roll onto my side, I stare out at the bare branches swaying in rhythm with the wind gusts, and I'm comforted because I know the spaces between the branches will welcome thousands of leaves in just a few weeks. And I'm comforted because I know they'll fall in September. And I'm comforted being home, in my bed, in my room, in the house I grew up in, in a place that I know.

Today I am happy -- with every single part of my life. It's the first time in a long while that I'm not stressed about a job or a living situation or a relationship or my family or finding affordable airfare from SFO to PDX. Everything is perfect, just how I like it. I took things here for granted, and now I appreciate them more than ever.

Here, now, I want to laugh as much as I breathe and love as long as I live.

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  1. Meghan! You are making me soooooo homesick! You know, if you need to get away from Portland you can always come visit :)

    Also, we're coming home in August, let's set something up!

  2. This is an awesome entry, I love your writing style. And I love your blog header -- so fun!