Sunday, November 15, 2009

San Francisco Magazine, the Best One in Town

I’m supposed to create a monthly newsletter for the residents of Luxury Condo. I’m expected to build the bulletin from scratch, complete with tidbits about what’s going on in the building and the city. A daunting task? Perhaps. But I’m excited to get in touch with my journalistic roots. And? Because I’m the one spearheading this newsletter? I think I’ll take the liberty of giving myself a byline or two. I’ll report on the best off-beat events in Fog City, allowing myself plenty of space to write. (Word count? No sir.) I’ll print whatever I think is appropriate, because I’m not only the founder but also the editor – of copy and photo. That means I’ll borrow the best images from Flickr, giving due credit, of course (because you don’t want to see my sorry attempt at photography), and plop them onto the page however I so choose. I have ultimate control.

As a former graphic designer – did you know I earned a minor degree in digital art? – I’ll design the newsletter with an artsy technique, but in a way that relates to the eighty-year-olds who will read it. You know, a photo of the bridge here, a picture of the beach there. And then maybe a funky shot of a bicycle, resting up against the outer brick wall of a gay night club or something, just to shake things up.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Today all I need is an outline, which is why I stopped by 7-11 for a copy of San Francisco Magazine this morning. The publication’s layout astounds readers, while the text leaves them craving more. It might very well be one of the best dang magazines around. But I’m biased. I’ve applied to work at the publication about a hundred times. The research editor (and the copy editor, managing editor, art director, and so on) repeatedly tells me no; I must be enrolled in college to work as an intern. And I must be an intern to move up in the company. So basically I’m S.O.L., because I’ve already graduated. I’ve tried to change the editors’ minds multiple times, unsuccessfully. I call their office way too often. In fact, if I were them? I’d have a restraining order against me.

The magazine’s department pieces are fabulous. There’s The Talk (what’s new, what matters, what’s next); Green (recycling is a must-do in San Francisco); Food (what’s hot on the scene this month); and Art (galleries and artists that reveal themselves in strange places).

I only hope that someday, my little monthly newsletter has the impact on my Luxury Condo residents that SF Magazine has on San Franciscans.

P.S. I need to tell someone about this...

Today, on my walk to work, a flying pigeon smacked into my face. I ate feathers. I haven't been in the city that long, and I foolishly assumed that birds watch where they're going. Does this happen often?

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  1. Pigeon feathers in your mouth? Bleh. That is disgusting. And, I think that the pigeons think they are more entitled than humans.

  2. oh my gosh Megger! I totally just imagined a pigeon smacking into your face and your reaction and laughed out loud! I have no idea if that happens often, but it sure makes a great story :)

  3. Hahahaha! I totally just laughed out loud as well, of course that would happen to you