Friday, November 20, 2009

A Day of Packing, in Photos

One bum is going to be very happy, very soon. Darren and I have loaded up bags upon bags of clothes, dishes, blankets, BOOZE, pillows, and so on for Good Will. But we decided to make a "special" bag for the homeless guy who stands out this week. It's a Bum of the Week contest, I guess you could call it. Winner takes all.

Last night? A scruffy man wobbled up to Darren asking for milk and cookies instead of beer. This guy, for example, has a good shot at winning the prize. The "special" bag contains half a gallon of Burnett's vodka (leftover from college, probably), two old pillows, a couple of throw blankets, basketball shoes, socks, a Burberry jacket, a puffy Nike vest, Green tea bags, and used deodorant. What more could a bum want? (Well, besides food and shelter.)

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  1. um... How can I compete? Do I have to dress up like a bum outside of your apartment?