Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy Red Cup Week!

Lately, part of my daily routine has included stopping at Boudin bakery on my stroll to work for a coffee and an egg, ham and cheddar sandwich on homemade sourdough. I’m ashamed to admit how many of these I’ve gobbled since I discovered the bread shop last month. I can literally feel my blubbery belly expanding and my arteries hardening.
Once last year, Darren came home with one of Jillian Michaels' exercise and weight loss books for me, because he “thought it looked interesting.” (Jillian is the celebrity trainer featured on ABC’s The Biggest Loser.) I stared at the cover in disbelief for a good five minutes before wailing hysterically the rest of the night. I took my anger out on my male coworkers the next afternoon – because all men are idiotic, not just Darren. They have to be taught they can’t just buy weight loss books for their girlfriends every time they see an “interesting” cover. (Especially when their girlfriends are 5’4” and a healthy 120 pounds, thank you very much.) That day, I decided Darren had a lot to learn.
Today, I opted to start using The Book. (This still doesn’t make it right for you to buy it in the first place, Dar.) Actually, I decided I’d start using it when we move to the new loft, when we have a private gym and I don’t have to lunge and frog-jump in front of everyone at 24 Hour Fitness. (Hey, my egg and cheddar sandwiches aren’t going to burn themselves off.) Every time I bite into a Boudin specialty, I think, A moment on the lips? A lifetime on the hips. This school of thought doesn’t work, though, because then I tell myself, You’re going to start using The Book. Don’t worry. The Book will get rid of this fat in no time.

This morning I had enough will power to walk past the bakery without stopping in, thanks to Red Cup Week at Starbucks. This is what I call the week after Halloween, when Starbucks starts using its Christmas cups in place of its white ones. There’s something about carrying a red cup around the city that makes me happy. Like, really happy. And carrying a red cup filled with a peppermint mocha? Makes me even happier. So that’s what I did.
I’m positive I’ll be back at Boudin tomorrow, but for now, happy Red Cup Week to all, and to all a good night.