Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Drive Home...

Christyn: "Watch out for cops."
Me: "Are you speeding?"
Christyn: "Just by 11 miles per hour."

Caitlin: "Do you guys remember calling me last night?"
Christyn: "Yeah..."
Caitlin: "Twice? At 1:30 am?"
Me: "Uh-huh. Sure."
Caitlin: "You were like, 'CAITLIN! PICK US UP FROM MAX'S AND TAKE US TO TACO BELL!' And I didn't have the car -- because it was parked in the driveway at YOUR house. Right where you left it. I told you I didn't have the car and you hung up, but 10 minutes later you called again asking me to take you to Taco Bell. Remember that?"
Me: "Oh yeah!" [We erupt in laughter.]
Christyn: "So did we ever make it to Taco Bell?"

Christyn: "Oh! There goes that Mercedes!"
Me: "Huh? What Mercedes?"
Christyn: "I was driving behind it forever. You know how when you drive behind the same car for a long time? And you become attached to it? Like, you make friends with it?"
Caitlin: "Yeah!" [More laughter.]

As we drive slowly down our street, I realize that fall is the thing I miss most about Oregon.

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  1. Great pics...I miss fall too- doesn't really exist here.

  2. I forgot that the trees change color.... ahhh I miss it too.