Sunday, September 20, 2009

Asia SF and the Feeble Out-of-Towner

First of all, if you haven’t seen Julie Powell’s blog, The Julie/Julia Project, I urge you to leave this website and Google it. And if you don’t know about her project, then you probably haven’t read her book—if this is the case, please take ten minutes and stop by a Borders on your way home this evening. It’s worth it. I’m only halfway through the book and am already so inspired that I’ve created and pledged myself to this blog, for no particular reason but to blog. (I realize this probably doesn’t make any sense unless you’ve read the book.) See, I could just as easily write these words privately, in a journal, perhaps, but Julie says there’s something about submitting them to cyberspace that makes the whole process more stimulating. And if anyone ends up—gulp—reading the blog (Julie refers to blog readers as “bleaders” in her book), she says I’ll become more motivated to write, and in turn publish my thoughts, day after day.

Like Julie, I’m content in a job that’s not necessarily on par with my dream career—I certainly didn’t attend four years of college to become a concierge. But in this economy, I’m thrilled to have a paycheck at the end of each week, just like Julie was before she became a successful novelist and a main character in a hit Meryl Streep movie. Hm.

So here it goes . . . writing every day. Assessing the interesting venues of San Francisco (which is always a good idea for a concierge, I suppose). Expanding my horizons and stirring my creative juices. I know they’re in there somewhere.

It seems appropriate to write my first entry about the place that kicked off my entire San Francisco experience. I hadn’t even moved to the city yet—I was staying with my friend Maijken while frantically searching for non-existent journalism opportunities—and just so happened to be at her apartment on the night that she’d planned an outing to AsiaSF, the city’s most popular tranny bar. Maijken and her boyfriend had a pal staying with them from Portland, who was celebrating his 24th birthday. As a bad joke, we went to the bar without telling him the “waitresses” were actually men dressed as women. In fact, the men were so attractive as females—not to mention cute, funny and charming—that the birthday boy didn’t even realize they were males. Well, until the lap dance…

The $38 dollar Gold menu gets you three courses including dessert, plus live entertainment from the lovely “ladies” of AsiaSF. The dancers hoist themselves onto the bar and boogie to predictable tunes like I Love Rock and Roll (think Coyote Ugly gone wrong) while you sip your martini, trying to keep it from spewing out your nostrils during repressed hysterics. The food is so-so. The drinks are typical. The atmosphere is unmatched. If nothing else, you’re in for a good laugh—especially if you’re treating a helpless out-of-towner to dinner.

Photo: Special to The Chronicle / Christina Kochi Hernandez

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  1. I'm so excited to read your blog! I will be a devoted bleader!